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Panda Recovery of a WordPress Site

Panda RecoveryI found this story of Panda recovery from The author discusses how he saved his WordPress site from a Panda penalty.

Some of the steps he took involved the following:

  • Adding the noindex, nofollow tag to all but the first pages of Category and Tags pages.
  • Deleted a bunch of tags. (WordPress tag pages can add a lot of duplicate content to your site.
  • Used robots.txt to stop Google from indexing certain WordPress files that are not helpful to users.
  • Following the HTML suggestions given by Google in his Webmaster Tools.

You’ll find the image of his analytics recovery very fascinating. One thing that I can’t quite explain though is that his recovery did not come immediately after a Panda refresh as would be expected. If anyone has any idea why, I would love for you to leave a comment.

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