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Panda Recovery Story – Site owner got complacent

Panda Recovery Here is a great story on Search Engine Journal, of how a webmaster recovered from a Panda algorithm hit.

The website was quite popular in the past but experienced a dramatic drop in traffic that coincided with a Google Panda Update.

The problem:

Here are the main reasons why the site was affected by the update:

  • Even though there was some great content on the site in the past, the site owner became complacent and began to produce very thin content.
  • This thin content contained only a few sentences on a page and didn’t help searchers who would land on the site.

The site was flagged by Google during a Panda update and as such, search traffic dropped dramatically.


In order to recover, the site owner reviewed every piece of content on their site and decided whether to rewrite it to be more substantial or to completely get rid of it. You can read the full article for more information on how that was done.

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